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Here comes the storm


It was a big step for Steve and I to join facebook. We’d always been ambivalent to the whole social media thing, but it’s been fun. We even briefly contemplated opening a Twitter account but figured you all would get pretty bored reading these kind of tweets:

"Breakfast on the mountain with a storm rolling in."
“Hey y’all, just sitting here wishing I was scouting or hunting dall sheep.” - 547 times a day.
“Lunch: Ramburger, noodles, Sweet Baby Rays. Yumm.”
“My boot laces weigh .0023 ounces more than Scott’s. Drat.”
“Giving my kids piggyback rides is mid-winter training for sheep season.”
“Eating sheep meat for supper…again.”
“Just figured out our 2019 sheep hunt.”
“Killed two giant broomed rams in my dreams last night. Does that make me over the limit?”
“ Hope I don’t blow out my knees playing “head-butt” with the kids.”
“…What? Oh sorry, I was just staring at my sheep horns.”
“Sheep hunters, fueled by Peanut M&M’s year round.”
“Spaghetti with meat sauce or Turkey Tetrazzini Mt. House meals, I can’t decide.”
“Deer hunting is great practice for sheep season.”

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProvingTrailAdventures 

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