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Sheep Hunt 2017 - Different, but the Same

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Shall I dare say it…we did a fly in hunt this year. Oh the humanity!

Getting past all that, it’s a good story.

Most fly in trips start out with a plane flying away deep in the heart of the sheep mountains, a monologue about being left alone in the middle of Alaska, reality setting in…That wasn’t quite our experience. Reality set in as we laughed at the sight of the distant mountains, miles away. “We really don’t know how to do a fly-in hunt do we?” I said to Steve. But our hunting budget appreciated the additional effort required of us. So in reality, not much changed. Proving Trail Adventures, proving to ourselves that we are not fly-in guys.

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2014 POW Deer Recap


2014 was another banner year for deer hunting the elusive Sitka black-tailed deer on Prince of Wales. With generous seasons and bag limits there are lots of opportunities. For me the season traditionally starts with an opening day hunt

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Hope is not lost. Scott's 7th Mountain Range Ram

 Rock Scratch

Big flakes of a heavy, wet snow were quickly blanketing the 5,550’ ridge top we’d just gained. The climb had left us wet and bloodied.  We needed a place to set up the tent and hole up in this building storm and let our minds relax after a mentally taxing technical climb.  We didn’t know that the real mental battle was just about to begin.

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European Mount DIY


2009 Ram European 004 - Copy

Congratulations! You had a successful sheep hunt AND managed to bag a full-curl ram. Booya! Now you’ve got some taxidermy decisions to make. Shoulder mount? Life-sized mount? Horn of Shofar? If you’re like Scott and me, dropping a grand or more on a shoulder mount isn’t a yearly option. A European skull mount is a beautiful and classy way to display your trophy. For those with a little DIY skillz, some patience, attention to details and about $100 (and have a strong, non-squeamish stomach) you can have the satisfaction of tackling this project sans your local taxidermist.

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